baltrWelcome to the Baltica Residence, located approx. 150 meters from the beach, downtown Sopot in a charming, quiet district - Karlikowo, just 120 meters from our very own Villa Baltica (2 minutes walk).

This is where you will find the main reception, where guests will be able to check into Baltica Residence and receive the keys. 17 furnished rooms of high standard and the location provide you with the perfect opportunity to relax with family and friends anytime of the year. Enjoy the individual as well as group stays. We have a parking space available for 9 cars. We offer our guests accommodation in modern and comfortable conditions. Welcome!

baltica s


ul. Na Wydmach 13
81-776 Sopot

Phone number

phone: + 48 58 35 10 500
fax: +48 58 55 52 801